Developers! Developers! Developers!

Your plugin can now show custom icons and descriptions for each action inside of Sketch Runner! With this integration, Runner users can quickly scan and execute the action from your plugin they want to perform.

How do I integrate with Runner?

To add custom descriptions and icons, you need to update your manifest.json file. In the example below you'll see how it works. You'll need to add two options with icon and description. Runner will pick those up and do the rest.

The icons should have a 64*64 resolution to show up crisp in the search results.

{ "script" : "script.js", "shortcut" : "cmd shift .", "handlers" : { "run" : "gotoDestinationArtboard" }, "identifier" : "gotoDestinationArtboard", "description" : "Go to the artboard linked to this layer.", "icon" : "icons/gotoArtboard.png", "name" : "Go to Linked Artboard" }

Looking at Aby’s Plugin User Flows, you can see how it greatly communicates what actions his plugin offers. Through the descriptions it is clear what the actions are doing.

If your plugin relies on custom UI elements…

Please, add your key functionalities as commands to the menu bar. 🙏
Only this way your and our users can find and see all the great functionalities you have to offer inside of Runner!

Let users know how to install your plugin!

Runner v0.9 makes it very easy to install and update plugins without leaving Sketch. On your plugin's ReadMe page you can let your users know about this. We've prepared a short markdown snippet for you to copy+paste (remember to replace the screenshot at the end with your own):

## Install with Sketch Runner With Sketch Runner, just go to the `install` command and search for `[plugin name]`. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. [Download Runner here]( ![Sketch Runner screenshot](http://...?raw=true)

This is how great it looks in Andrey's description of Duplicator.

Get your Runner badge! 🎀

Adding support for Sketch Runner will benefit both your and our users. You can include this nice little badge anywhere on your page to show off the integration.

You can choose between the Runner Blue badge or a white badge. Whatever suits your page best!

runner-badge-blue <a href=""> <img src=""> </a>
runner-badge-white <a href=""> <img src=""> </a>